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US Radar - previous 6 hours

Images provided by Unisys Weather

These composite radar images identify echo tops, storm movement, TVS (Tornadic Vortex Signatures), MESO (Mesocyclone) signatures and watch boxes for the prior six hours. Severe weather watch areas are numbered and enclosed in white boxes. The watch number, type of watch (T=Tornado, S=Severe Thunderstorm) and the watch expiration time (UTC) appear below the intensity scale. Types of precipitation are color coded and detailed in the table below:

5< 0.01Hardly Noticeable      
10< 0.01Light Mist      
200.02Very Light200.02Very Light200.02Very Light
300.1Light to Moderate300.1Light to Moderate300.1Light to Moderate
450.92Moderate to Heavy450.92Moderate to Heavy450.92Moderate to Heavy
554Very Heavy / Small Hail554Very Heavy554Very Heavy
608Extreme / Moderate Hail608Extreme608Extreme
6516.6Extreme / Large Hail6516.6Extreme6516.6Extreme

NOTE: Using METAR data from a large number of ground stations and aircraft, the winter mosaic is modified to identify freezing and frozen precipitation. The unique color codes in the dBZ scale from 80dBZ to 180dBZ represent freezing rain, or SLEET, and the unique color codes from 180dBZ to 280dBZ represent frozen rain, or SNOW. The actual dBZ values are shown in the table above.